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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are dealing with a little sprinkle, flurry out there, we could see that on and off today. temperatures are above freezing, we are close. 34 roxboro. 37 clinton. 35 degrees in wake forest. 38 in hope mills. temperatures are going to be cooler than yesterday. we will climb up in to the 40s for highs this afternoon, 43 lunchtime. high in the mid 40s at 5:00, 44. sunshine on and off. breezy, out of the west, clouds, sun and a sprinkle or a flurry is possible.
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couple of more degrees by sunrise. 45, coming home. it will feel colder, the cold air arrives for tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. talking about that coming up. a new report estimates a million syrians are besieged by the crisis in their country. the u.n. is working to get food and water to a flood of people at the border of syria and turkey. there are reports more than 30,000 people have run from the city and other areas trying to escape fighting between rebels and the government. u.n. says camps were displaced. people are full and beyond the capacity of the agency to respond. a story of survival that's amazing this morning, out of cashmere on the border of india and pakistan. a soldier buried in an avalanche 6 days ago is in critical condition but alive. the indian soldier was found debeneath 24 feet of snow. this is on a glacier.
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but none survived. it's patrolled by troops from india and pakistan. part of the gas station collapses in california, while two workerrers were on top of it. the awning gave way at the station in torrance near los angeles. a surveillance camera from a car wash caught the moment the awning came crashing down two. maintenance workers were on top, they had noticed cracks and were up there checking them out. one worker had minor injuries. the other was not hurt. very scary to see that. almost 6:12s this is a week of remembrance for three students called our three winners. coming up, the activities honoring the three students murdered in chapel hill last year. a dispute over wearing african head wraps at local school. why the girls did it and
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aic a little bit of precipitation. it's very light back in to asheboro. about here. expect a sprinkle or flurry in some spots, raleigh southward in the next couple of hours. at any point, we could see a sprinkle or flurry. the amounts will be very, very light. nothing that's going to cause you trouble. temperatures above freezing, 36 henderson, 38 willington.
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the door for your morning run, you are probably not going to run in to a vipgel or flurry. -- sprinkle or flurry. if you like to exercise outside, do it today. it will be 10 degrees cooler than this. gas prices are down yesterday again, aaa reporting the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the united states now is $1.74. that's the cheapest that gas has been since january of 2009. for the cheapest gas, you have to go to oklahoma city. a 7 eleven is selling it for $1.11 a gallon. aaa expecting gas prices will stay low unless there is a big disruption in the supply. watch for the possibility of another drop the markets today as crude oil prices continue to fall. the dow is down nearly 178 points yesterday. asian markets tumbled this morning led by 5% slide in tokyo. other factors in the market slumps include concerns over slowing growth in major
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more interest rate hikes by the federal reserve. a new government report on health insurance says 8 states saw a significant drop last year in the number of residents without health insurance. all 8 accepted a medicaid expansion, one of two major ways to get coverage under president obama's health care law. the other coverage route is subsidized private insurance in all 50 states. cdc is taking the zika virus very seriously what president obama is asking for
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